Delfinárium Dolphina Hurghada

Delfinárium Dolphina

Každý deň delfinia šou od 15:-16:00 hod 

Vstupné 20,- euro na osobu

Deti 0-3.99 rokov  zdarma,

Deti 4-11.99 rokov 10,- euro


Every day, the dolphins show from 03:00 PM-04:00 PM

Price 20, – euro per person

Children 0-3.99 years free of charge,

Children 4-11.99 years 10, – euro


Plávanie s delfínmi /Delfínoterapia/

Swimming with dolphins / Dolphin therapy /


10 minút   50,- euro na osobu

20 minút 85,- euro na osobu

10 minutes 50, – euro per person

20 minutes 85, – euro per person

Transport hotel-delfinárium -hotel   10 euro


Tel:  002 010 999 32204    Vladimír , Zuzana…

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One comment to Delfinárium Dolphina Hurghada

  • Peter Lang  says:

    Hello, greetings from Slovakia.
    We would need the recommended dolphin therapy for my son. My question – can you provide a therapist who communicates in Slovak or Czech. And your recommendation is how many days are ideal for therapy and what all one hour of therapy contains.
    In the event that this would be possible in terms of language, we would provide accommodation and all relevant requirements.
    We have clearly chosen your destination from the survey, as Hurghada is an excellent holiday town and the people are very friendly.
    Thank you very much for your answer and we look forward to it.
    Peter Lang, Slovakia

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